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A Staging Checklist



Anyone looking to sell their home will want to read this blog about how to stage your home to attract your ideal buyers. Below are tips for staging your home in a manner that will attract sellers. The purpose of this blog is to specifically detail how to stage your home. The goal of staging is to accentuate your homes' strengths, minimize its weaknesses and give potential buyers a clean slate for them to imagine themselves living in your home. If you would like to expedite the process of selling your home, proper staging is a crucial step in doing so. By now, you have hired a photographer to capture the beauty of your home. To prepare for the photographer and your upcoming open house, you will need to take a few steps. Your home’s interior and exterior must be properly staged before the arrival of your photographer. If you are running late or behind schedule, make sure to give your photographer 24 hours' notice. Here are some tips and information about staging your home:  

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A Staging Checklist – How to Prepare for Your Photographer and Sell Your Home Quickly  

  • · Photographers do not move furniture while on site.  
  • · If you are running behind schedule or running late, be sure to give your photographer at least 24-hour notice.  
  • · In the bedroom, besure to make all your beds in a tidy manner with visually appealing comforters/duvets.  
  • · In all rooms that have carpet, you will want to vacuum, and steam clean any carpet in the home thoroughly.  
  • · Throughout the entire house, you will want to put away all personal items that may be lying around. Hats, dishes, paperwork, shoes, remotes, magazines, toys, purses, books, etc. The fewer personal items that are visible, the better.   
  • · In the kitchen and bathroom, you will wipe all counters down. Use a streak-free cleaner that will leave the counters looking pristine.  
  • · Make sure you put out new, clean towels that are properly folded and hung up in the bathroom and kitchen.  
  • · In the bathroom put away all your toiletries into a cabinet or somewhere out of view. There should be no shampoo/conditioner in the showers, no body wash by the bathtub, no toothbrushes, no hairbrushes, no curling irons, and no hairdryers.    
  • · Store any small appliances such as microwaves, toasters, coffee pots, teapots,knives, etc.   
  • · Go throughout the house and take down any photos or pictures. Again, the purpose is to make the home look as pristine as possible and for the buyer to be able to visualize their items in the home so that they will want to purchase them.   
  • · Put out a bottle of wine or champagne with two glasses as a welcome present for the newbuyers.   
  • · Open the blinds to the windows to make the space look brighter and more welcoming. 
  • · Move any bikes or vehicles from the driveway and garage.   
  • · Three weeks to a month before selling your home replant grass seed or add fresh sod if needed. Mow your lawn right before the photoshoot and weed gardens.
  • · Make sure the house numbers on your home are easy to read and do not have anything blocking them.  
  • · Wash all your windows so they are easy to see through, and do not have streaks. Wash both sides of the windows.   
  • · Repaint or stain your front porch if needed. This is the entrance to the home and is especially important as a first impression. You want the buyers to be impressed fromthe first step they take into your home.   
  • · Give your walls a fresh coat of neutral paint.  You do not want to turn off potential buyers who have different styles and tastes as you, so natural is the best way to go.  
  • · Set the dining room table with a nice table runner, plates, silverware, placemats, etc.  
  • · Replace burnt-out lightbulbs in all rooms in the house.  
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Keep in mind that you want to sell your home quickly, you need to put in some effort into staging it correctly. Think of your home as a blank canvas where potential buyers will envision themselves living in your home. Follow this helpful checklist and you will be prepared for your photographer and open house. If you need a professional real estate photographer, contact West 360 Digital. The owner Brendan and his team will take gorgeous professional photos that will be sure to attract the buyer you are looking for. You can contact Brandan by email at or by phone at 732-546-1567. West 360 Digital offers drone photography, 3D (3 Dimensional) Matterport, Google Virtual Tours, HDR photography, 3D renderings, and virtual staging to assist you in finding the perfect buyer for your property, home, or business.