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Aerial Golf Course Tours 


There is no better way to view a golf course than from the air. We strategically captured drone panoramas at 60 feet, which allows the best possible view of the course. We can click through the entire course at our own pace; reviewing sand traps, potential approach shots, and obstacles. The traditional drone videos of each hole were the first of its kind, but the videos moved too quickly and the viewer had no control over the content.


1) Interactive hotspots of the clubhouse virtual tour

2) Hotspots which allow you to click to the next golf hole

3) Interactive map to see where you are on the golf course

4) Dropdown menu allowing you to jump to any hole at any time

5) Golf hole information at the bottom of each hole (yardage, etc)


We can also provide many other marketing options to Golf Courses including:

1) Drone Video Clips/Drone Photography of each hole

2) Virtual Tours of any amenities on the course (Driving Range, Clubhouse, etc)

3) Clubhouse Video Tour

4) Golf Course Photography (5 photographs per hole)

5) Twilight Photography of the Clubhouse

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