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What is Agent Relay?

AgentRelay is at its core a Zoom-like product designed specifically for real estate viewings, with native integration into Matterport, the leading virtual tour technology.

The AgentRelay features include:

  • Integrated video conferencing, voice calls and chat messaging right inside the virtual property viewings
  • No software downloads or insecure agent screen-sharing required, as everything runs natively in the browser on desktop, smartphone and tablet
  • Invite up to 20 attendees per viewing
  • Both Private Viewing (where attendees are known to each other) and Open Viewing modes (where attendees remain anonymised)
  • Automated viewing invites sent via email, with built-in calendar integration
  • Option to showcase multiple spaces within the same viewing, which is particularly convenient for busy clients
  • Ability to hand control of the virtual viewing to attendees
  • Option to record virtual viewings for future referencing and training
  • Capability to automatically import the Matterport tours and property details via APIs
  • Ability to capture contact details for visitors wanting to explore Matterport spaces without an agent for agent follow-up

We think this a game-changer for property viewings, making initial viewer safer and more convenient for all parties, whilst making agents more efficient, as they only need to take qualified parties to visit in person. Agents can also work from home more, undertaking admin and virtual viewings from there and undertaking qualified, physical viewings when they are in the office. This also helps larger real estate companies meaningfully reduce their carbon footprint through reduced site visits for all.




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