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Benefits of 3D Matterport







Benefits for the buyers and real estate agents:

The majority of home buyers start their home search on Zillow, Redfin or Trulia. Matterport is an ideal marketing tool that can allow potential buyers to walk through the entire house without having to be there in person. A buyer may search through dozens of properties online and can narrow down their search by using 3D Matterport technology. This can save the buyer and real estate agent time to focus on their top picks.

Matterport features:

Doll House: allows viewers to see the entire layout of the house. The user can click on any part of the house and it will immediately send you into that specific room.

Matterport Denver

3D Walkthrough: explore the entire house! Click on the small circles on the floor to continue into each room. The user can spend an unlimited amount of time in the Virtual Tour.

Key Statistics:

  • Millennial buyers now comprise 35% of all new homebuyers on the market, which means higher demand for more engaging, interactive and mobile-ready content from real estate professionals. 
  • In the  next two years, 80% of Millennials will seek to purchase a home, according to Trulia. That’s almost 67 million prospective buyers. 
  • In 2015, 39% of digital marketers believed that more of their budget should be reallocated towards creating compelling visual assets
  • Real estate listings with more visual content (like video) receive 403% more inquiries compared to those without video. 
  • 41% of home buyers found interactive maps very useful, while 40% felt the same about virtual tours.