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Berthoud Recreation Center










Berthoud Recreation Center at Waggener Farm Park is part of the first phase of a Parks Master Plan that was conducted in Berthoud, Colorado. Within the Waggener Farm Park site, the main programing goals were to include a community recreation center, a community destination park, outdoor sports fields, outdoor community gathering spaces and pedestrian connection to the adjacent residential properties and overall trails network.


The Waggener Farm Park site is approximately 59 acres. The site was previously leased by a farmer and operated for agricultural use. The northern third is slated for development of this project while the larger southern portion will remain primarily natural landscape.



Inside, tile mosaics and murals draw your eye through the spaces highlighting the locker rooms and the waterslide tower. A boulder climbing wall stretches along the breezeway. A pre-engineered metal gymnasium has basketball, volleyball, pickleball courts and a walking track. The aquatics center has a lazy river, large hot tub, three-lane lap pool, activity pool with spray features, climbing wall and jump platform, sprayground and waterslide. Fitness includes an outdoor fitness area. Other amenities include a flexible group fitness room, a community event room, and child watch.







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