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Coors Field

Many content marketers and small business owners spend a lot of time searching for content ideas. This blog showcases an example of West 360 Digital’s photography work. Brendan West is an aerial photographer who can shoot the dynamic content you need to attract leads and eventually convert them into sales. He specializes in real estate photography. I will now discuss Coors Field, the subject of his latest photos. 

Virtual Tour and Photography

The year 1999 was a momentous year. Prince wrote a song about it, and Coors Field became known for being an offensive stadium. It hosted high-scoring games and gained a reputation as being favorable to offense. One season, the combined score of all teams was 303 home runs, which is the highest at any venue for one season according to Major League Baseball’s website. In 1999, at Coors Field, the average score was 8-7, which is high for baseball. Coors Field is located in Denver, Colorado and is home to the Rockies' baseball team who previously played at the old Mile High Stadium. Demolished in 2002, Mile High Stadium was located where the Broncos stadium is now. It cost $25 million to build in comparison to the $300 million it cost to build Coors Field (which is estimated to be $550 million in 2020 dollars.) Coors Stadium was built in 1995. Rumor has it that a baseball travels 9 percent further in the mile high city of Denver (which is 5280 feet above sea level), than at sea level. On average, 58,598 fans attend the baseball games on a regular basis. The first game at Coors Field took place on April 25, 1995. In another lifetime when Bill Clinton was in office, This Is How We Do It, by Montell Jordan was popular, and the same day as World Intellectual Property Day. The pitch began at 5:38 pm when Bill Swift pitched to Brett Butler, who hit an infield single.  

76-acres, the ballpark is located on 20th and Blake in the Ballpark neighborhood. As a Denver native, I remember when that area of town was a ghost town. Now, a realtor's dream, “LoDo” short for Lower Downtown, is home to many popular restaurants, shops, bars, clubs, and Coors Field Stadium. The photographs included in this blog were taken by Brendan West, owner of digital marketing company 360 West Digital. An experience few get, Brendan was hired to take professional photographs of the stadium. These vivid photographs demonstrate the gorgeous views from the stadium. From the downtown lights at night, to the purple and green mountains in the background, Coors Field is a spectacular sight to see. On a warm, breezy, blue sky kind of day, nothing beats watching a Rockies game at Coors with a hotdog in hand.  The stadium has various seating options from the “rock pile” (the less expensive option) all the way up to the brand-new rooftop deck. Located in the upper right-field seating area, the newly renovated deck and concourse offers stunning views of the mountains and city, trendy bars, and rentable party space. Imagine throwing a party on top of the stadium, overlooking the city at night, with the lights and mountains in the background! If you are planning to attend a Rockies game at Coors, you may want to download the app called “Ballpark,” which is the official app of Coors Field available on Google Play. It gives you a way to purchase tickets, is an interactive way to tour the stadium, and stay up to date with Rockies' information. It allows you to document and save your personal experience at the games.  

If you love these photos and want to take your own personal tour of the stadium, you can sign up by clicking on this link. During the off-season, the field is being renovated and is not available. Advanced tickets are recommended. They are typically available Monday through Saturday. They give you a real-life behind-the-scenes opportunity to walk through the stadium and walk one mile. They last between 45-80 minutes depending upon the tour. They are open to children and are accessible for those who are less able. Tickets for adults are $12, and seniors and children are $9. Times and reservations can be found/made at that website. You can set up group tours for a business or private event or activity.  

As of June 28, 2021 Coors Field will return to 100% capacity after having survived the pandemic. For information about COVID-19 practices click here. If you would like to commemorate your first visit to Coors Field, you can customize and download a PDF here. There are bars and restaurants in the ballpark, including the Mountain Ranch Bar and Grill, Wazee Market, The Sandlot Brewery, the Helton Burger Shack, and the Rooftop. So, there are more than one way to have fun at Coors. You can schedule a tour, attend a game, enjoy a drink and food, or have a private party. If you walk to the 20th Street side of the stadium, there is a brick art walkway that was recently moved due to construction. Fans paid money to have their name and quotes, or sayings inscribed on bricks. The brick pathway was moved recently according to the Denver Post due to a redevelopment project. The Denver Post writes “The Denver Metropolitan Major League Baseball Stadium District raised $650,000 in 1994 for public art through the sale of the personalized bricks. Until last month, they were set into Wynkoop Plaza in the shape of a miniature baseball diamond.” Many Coloradans have taken millions of photos, gone to hundreds of games, eaten who knows how many hot dogs, and have made many fond memories at Coors Field. So please enjoy these amazing photographs that were taken by 360 West Digital Media and reminisce on traditional, good old-fashioned American fun. 

West 360 Digital specializes in real estate and commercial photography. For stunning photographs such as these for your business, contact Brendan by email at or by phone (732) 546-1567. Photography and visual content are critical to the success of all businesses. It brings your business to life in a way that other marketing channels cannot. Brendan is an experienced professional and is nationwide. He is a Google Street View trusted photographer who offers 3D Matterport tours, which is a gamechanger for realtors. It demonstrates the space in a lifelike manor and captivates buyers. Statistics show that 403% more views go to dynamic content such as that provided by West 360 Digital. Even better, 49% more leads come from 3D walkthroughs. COVID-19 catalyzed the digital world and potential buyers do most of their purchasing online. Making sure that your business not only has gorgeous photography but lively online content can not only generate more views and leads, but assist in converting leads into buyers. So contact 360 West Digital Marketing for your business photography, 3D Matterport Tours, drone services, HDR photography, 3D renderings, and virtual stagings. Take your business to the next level by investing in engaging, top-of-the-line content and ensure a high return on your investment today. 

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